Let's face it. In a hyper-competitive marketplace, where everyone is fighting for an advantage, if your business is not moving forward, chances are it’s slipping backward. It is vital that you get your message across – loud and clear. You need to make sure your target audience remembers you – and keeps you in mind when they need assistance. We help keep you front and center.

At Levine Marketing Solutions, we believe that you need to think outside the box. Some may say there is nothing new under the sun in marketing professional services, but we don’t accept that conventional wisdom. Levine Marketing Solutions helps you find new ways to build your business.

Levine Marketing Solutions is proud to be a member of The Legal Marketing Beacon, a group of seasoned professionals who work with lawyers and law firms throughout the United States on all aspects of business development, marketing and communications.

Challenge: How can you update your image to reflect the vibrant, multi-faceted practice you have become?

Solution: Mandelbaum Salsburg has been in business for decades, but its reputation had not kept up with the reality of a practice that had grown broader and more up-to-the-minute. Levine Marketing Solutions conceived and created an attention-grabbing, easy-to- read "Year in Review" that showed, graphically and textually, the breadth and depth of Mandelbaum Salsburg's growing practice.

Challenge: In a competitive marketplace, how can you "own" a specialized practice niche?

Solution: Brach Eichler had started its New Jersey Ambulatory Surgical Center Review on a modest scale. Levine Marketing Solutions helped build it into an annual, profit-making, statewide conference that became the "go-to" event for the ambulatory surgery center industry. More than 250 people and multiple vendors attended a two-day event that drew great speakers and "anyone who is anyone" in the field.

Challenge: What do you do when you are unquestionably a leader in your area of practice, but your target audience doesn't know it?

Solution: Burton L. Eichler had virtually invented the field of healthcare law in New Jersey. His firm, Brach Eichler, had become one of the largest healthcare law firms in the state. Levine Marketing Solutions conceived a marketing plan by which key decision-makers in the New Jersey healthcare community – including doctors and administrators – would become aware of the depth and breadth of the firm's healthcare experience. Through a variety of different means – including an industry-wide survey, an annual award honoring doctors giving back through community service and an annual publication recapping major developments in the field – Brach Eichler built its name as one of the leading New Jersey law firms in the healthcare sector.

Challenge: How can a firm capitalize on its unique legacy and rebuild long-dormant professional relationships?

Solution: When Hannoch Weissman, one of the largest and most prominent law firms in New Jersey, disbanded in 1999, the largest group of attorneys formed the law firm Berkowitz Lichtstein. Fifteen years later, Levine Marketing Solutions conceived and promoted a Hannoch Weissman reunion, hosted by Berkowitz Lichtstein. Over 100 Hannoch Weissman "alumni" attended the event, bringing together attorneys who had not been in touch in years, raising the firm's profile and rekindling professional relationships.

Challenge: What do you do when you are a small, but ambitious law firm that wants to distinguish itself from the hordes of indistinguishable law firms?

Solution: After getting to know the firm well, Levine Marketing Solutions teamed with a graphic designer, and conceptualized and devised a tagline - Law. Differently. - for Tenaglia & Hunt. We worked with the attorneys to solidify the "Law. Differently." brand and what it stood for. We "branded" all the firm's marketing efforts to emphasize how, in fact, Tenaglia & Hunt did practice law differently.

Challenge: What do you do when your website is old, dated and doesn't reflect the current state of your firm?

Solution: Every law firm today needs a visually appealing website, with a clear message and solid information. A good website is a reflection of not only the firm's practices and attorneys, but its unique personality and culture. In many cases, this is much easier said than done. Creating a great design is one thing. Building the technological platform is another. In many cases, however, the stumbling block is managing the whole website project. That's where Levine Marketing Solutions comes in. In some cases, we pull together the entire creative team; in others, we work with already-identified graphics and technology people. We are deeply involving in conceptualizing the website, planning the whole project, and typically draft or edit all the copy. We involve the attorneys as needed, keeping the project on-track, from conception through launch.