What We Do

Our goal at Levine Marketing Solutions is to improve and enhance your marketing and business development efforts. We work with your professionals to tailor a marketing program that achieves your objectives.

Client Feedback

The best way to build a marketing program is to talk to your existing clients. No one has had more experience interviewing clients than Levine Marketing Solutions, having interviewed more than 500 clients of professional firms.   A well-planned client assessment can be extremely effective in cementing relationships, improving client service, identifying weaknesses in those relationships and highlighting marketing opportunities.

Client Service

Clients often have difficulty determining the quality of work product from their service providers. They can, however, define and recognize exceptional client service. Levine Marketing Solutions can help your firm design and implement a client service program to ensure that clients are more than just satisfied with the work being done.

Community Outreach

An important part of your marketing program is becoming involved in the community in which you work and live. Levine Marketing Solutions works with organizations to identify communication opportunities and craft programs that benefit both the organizations themselves and the community.

Database Development

A vital tool for many marketing initiatives is an effective and flexible marketing database that contains information about your clients, prospective clients and referral sources. Levine Marketing Solutions works with organizations to determine their needs and identify a database – either an existing product or a customized solution – that will address those needs.

Marketing Audit

We review your existing marketing programs and initiatives, assess their effectiveness and recommend improvements and changes.

Marketing Coaching

We work with individuals at all levels to determine their business development objectives and create and implement a marketing plan to achieve those objectives.

Marketing Communications

It is vital not only to stay in touch with your clients, prospective clients, referral sources and other business contacts.  New technologies and social media have expanded the number of tools at our disposal to create and disseminate information, but they have also increased the amount of “noise” against which you are competing to get your message heard.  Levine Marketing Solutions has worked with attorneys and other professionals to create marketing communications that convey information in meaningful ways.  This includes:

  • Newsletters and e-newsletters
  • Client alerts
  • Annual reports
  • E-alerts
  • Brochures
  • Recruiting communications
  • Internal communications
  • Invitations

Marketing Outsourcing

Sometimes a firm needs the services of an in-house marketer – without the marketer.  Levine Marketing Solutions can fill the role of the marketer, taking on the day-to-day responsibilities for all aspects of marketing.

Marketing Planning

We work with individuals, practice groups and firms to develop and implement marketing plans, focusing first on arriving at shared objectives, determining strategies and tactics, and regularly tracking the ongoing effectiveness of the plans.

Special Initiatives

Whatever your marketing objectives and whatever your target audience, we have conceptualized and implemented successful programs to reach out – and have an impact on – targeted audiences, including:

  • Women’s initiatives
  • Young professionals
  • Alumni
  • Non-professional staff


Every professional organization needs an effective website, but each may have a different way to define effectiveness.  Levine Marketing Solutions works with a business to identify its objectives and recognize what sets it apart.  We work with all parties involved – including graphic designers and technological consultants – to conceptualize the website and take it from concept to launch.